Which Apps Make the Best Use of the iPad Mini’s Dimensions?


Image via Flickr creative commons from Cole Camplese

Anyone who may have been a little sceptical about the benefits of an iPad Mini will have been surprised at its popularity. After all, what benefits are other than being slightly smaller than the full-size iPad – which you already have?

Although the devotion of Apple fans probably means the device would have flown off the shelves regardless, things tend not to shift hundreds of thousands of units without having something to offer. The most obvious benefit being the size, the Mini is very portable and easier to handle should you wish to take pictures or shoot video.

It was also more affordable than the standard iPad, leaving some extra cash to go and stock up on iPad Mini cases from The Snugg. That did not mean it sacrificed speed or memory. It runs on an Apple A5 Dual Processor – the same as the iPhone 4.

Regardless of the other benefits, the main draw of the iPad Mini is the size – it is in its name after all. This has made it the go-to device for many a businessman, wanting the best quality in a device that is easily transportable.

Here are some of the applications which have found themselves particularly suited to the iPad Mini.


As the Evernote app lets you sync everything back to your desktop computer, it is perfect for those who want to take notes without being encumbered by a larger device. Users can take notes with text, voice or photographs. It also allows you to access existing Evernote data, so you never leave anything behind.

That is, unless you forget your iPad Mini.


As the iPad Mini is smaller than its older sibling, it loses a little memory as a result. To keep its speed as high as possible, you will also not want to overload the device with too much data. That isn’t a problem, especially when you have cloud storage on your side. SugarSync, for example, offers 5Gb of free data (Dropbox offers 2Gb) and allows you to access a full library of photos, files and music, wherever you are in the country.

GoogleDrive also offers 5Gb of free storage.


Portability, as mentioned, is where the Mini comes into its own. A quick tube or bus ride across the city to the next important meeting is the perfect time to chill out with a book. Unlike with Amazon’s portable Kindle device, you cannot buy books directly through the app. But it is perfect when you don’t want to carry around more than one device and find yourself with a few free moments to read a couple of chapters.

Camera+ for iPad

As mentioned earlier, the iPad Mini is far easier to take photos with than the larger iPad. For that reason it is the perfect place to download Camera+ – for the relatively cheap price of 69p. The camera on the Mini will never be perfect and is not the thing to rely on if you’re after professional quality photos. Camera+ editing software goes some way to improving your snaps, with adjustable effects and an excellent clarity filter.

Protecting Your In-Car Electronics From Theft


Image via Flickr creative commons from  Jason Cartwright

Whether your car contains the latest in-car radio, fitted with Bluetooth and mp3 function, or your car radio is fairly old, you should always be conscious of keeping your in-car electronics out of sight when you park up. The reason for this? Many hundreds of cars are broken into every year on account of thieves trying to access the in-car electronics to sell on. By keeping your valuables out of sight, you will remove the possibility of your car being attractive to thieves. There are many ways to protect your car and its valuables – here are some further tips for ensuring that your in-car electronics are not stolen.

Park somewhere public

If you park your car in an unknown area, well out of sight of anyone and anything, there is a higher chance that you may come back to find that it has been broken into. Conversely, if you park your car in a very public place where there will constantly be people milling around, then this risk is lessened. The more people that are around, the less likely someone is to attempt to break in to your car, for fear of being caught.

Invest in a car alarm

An inexpensive way to stay on alert to thieves is to install an alarm on your car. All you have to do is activate this alarm when you lock your car and hey presto. The majority of cars these days do not come equipped with alarms which makes it easier for a break-in to occur unnoticed. If a thief is suddenly disturbed by a loud and wailing alarm, he is likely to move on pretty sharpish before he attracts the attention of somebody.

Make sure all windows are closed and all doors are locked

It may sound obvious to shut your car windows and to lock your car doors but think about it for a moment: it’s a really hot and sunny day so all of your car windows have been open to allow plenty of air to circulate. When you come to a standstill, it is likely that you will once again feel the warmth of outside radiating in and thus you won’t even think about closing the windows. It is a similar case with locking your door. Oh it won’t matter because I’ll only be in the shop for a minute. The next thing you know, there is a huge queue and you spend at least 15 minutes inside the shop. That is more than enough time for someone to open the car door and take anything valuable on display, without alerting anyone’s attention.

Hide your valuables

Rather than leaving your valuables on sight for all and sundry, you could transfer them to your glove box. Or better yet, as the majority of thieves will now break in to your car in the knowledge that valuables are stored there – store them in your car boot or take them out with you. A Halfords portable DVD player on full display is like a magnet to a thief. Likewise, if you have a Halfords GPS and you do not remove it from the window, anyone can see it. Remember the phrase, out of sight, out of mind? You should live by this motto when it comes to protecting your in-car electronics.